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When it Comes to the Crunch, it’s got to be Biscuit Bingo…

Serving up top quality bingo with the tastiest side games and offers in the business means using only the finest ingredients, and we’re offering every conceivable variety of bingo and side game along with a barrel full of constantly-updated promotions to bring your players a treat that they’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Join our exclusive affiliate scheme and you can tuck into a revenue share deal that starts at 25%, and can earn you up to 50% as more and more of your players get a taste for scoffing themselves silly at our delicious new site...

Revenue share Program

Min Amount Max Amount Percentage
£0.00 £5000.99 25.00%
£5001.00 £15000.99 35.00%
£15001.00 £25000.99 40.00%
£25001.00 £50000.99 45.00%
above £50001 50.00%

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